Sustainable Development Week: Messages successfully spread in Cyprus!

Sustainable Development Week: Messages successfully spread in Cyprus!
26th October 2015 CARDET

The Sustainable Development Week has been completed with great success, helping spread the word of sustainability in Cyprus over the past week through various activities for adults and children!

CARDET, in collaboration with Engomi Municipality, has completed another successful Development Week, for a third consecutive year! With national presence on TV and Radio, through a presentation of the Project on CYBC’s series “Spiti sti Fisi” aired on Sunday 11 of October, an informative radio spot on KISS FM and an interview on Astra FM’s show “Proini Ekdosi”, the message of sustainability was spread nationally. Citizens of Cyprus were invited to learn more through an invitation to the Sustainable Development Week’s activities in the most-read newspapers on the island, Fileleftheros and Politis. The issues governing sustainability have been raised through a billboard placed in Engomi Municipality, urging the passersby to contemplate certain issues, and inviting them to the Sustainable Development Week’s activities. In addition ad boards raised in 4 locations in the Engomi Municipality invited people to the Week’s events.

Fot: Cardet

Beyond the general public, this week’s activities were effective in inviting targeted audiences to participate in Sustainable Development discussions, through the establishment of informative Booths (12-16 October) at the two main private universities in Cyprus, the University of Nicosia and the European University of Cyprus. The booths were ornate with a Photography Exhibition on sustainable development issues from both the global south and Cyprus, featuring images by Jesper Kirkbak created in the framework of an investigation into the “Environmental and Human Rights impacts behind EU Import of African Raw Materials” by the organization DanWatch in the framework of the Project “Stop Mad Mining”, and Michael Georgiades. Michael’s photographs depicted his interpretations of local democracy issues in Cyprus. The Booths, manned by University students who are active in Sustainable Development issues, informed the students about sustainability and the week’s events.


Beyond the Booths, University students were even more engaged through two lectures (14 October), organized in the framework of the Week. The lectures “Environmental Impacts of Development Practices” by Dr Alexandros Apostolides at the European University and “Social work and Over-Consumption” by Dr Stephanos Spaneas at the University of Nicosia attracted the attention of the students, raised important issues regarding sustainability and invited the students to participate at the events. Young people were at the centre of the activities on the 14th of October, with a roundtable discussion with youth taking place at a Cafeteria in Engomi. The topic of the discussion was “Visions of young people for their local society” and the organized youth groups of Engomi had the opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns.


In addition to students and young people, the Week attracted attendees to a Conference entitled “Imagining Sustainable Development. The Interaction between Global Ethical Challenges in Production and Local Democracy” on the 16th of October. The radical professor Dr Patrick Bond from South Africa, who was the guest speaker at the Conference, impressed the attendees with his detailed talk into the “Global debates on sustainable development and mining destruction”. The film “Promised Land – when settlements violate human rights”, created by DanWatch was screened during the Conference, and left great impressions. The day was wrapped up with the successful screening of the film “Dirty Gold War” by Daniel Schweizer” at the Home for Cooperation, followed by a very interesting discussion with Dr Patrick Bond.


The Week was completed with an event for our little friends on October 17 at the Pavlou Iesou Park in Engomi entitled “A day at our local park”. Children had the opportunity to play awareness raising games organized by the Cyprus Energy Agency, and listen to fairytales told by the Storytelling group “Paramythies”.


The Week was organized in collaboration with the European University Cyprus, the University of Nicosia and Engomi’s municipality from the 12 to 17 October 2015. The events were organized under the frameworks of the projects Global Campus “Students for Social Justice” and “Time for Change: Promoting sustainable consumption and production of raw materials in the context of EYD 2015 and beyond!” joined with the initiative “Democracy Week” carried out by Engomi’s Municipality. The Development Week implemented activities under the general context of the European Year of Development 2015.