Cultural exhibition “Des Fossiles et des Hommes”

Cultural exhibition “Des Fossiles et des Hommes”
1st July 2016 Christliche Initiative Romero

“Des Fossiles et des hommes”


In November and December 2015 the cultural exhibition “Des Fossiles et des Hommes“ has been showed in 5 different places in Paris and its suburbs, raising awareness of citizens about the local and global impacts of fossil fuel and minerals extraction and production: the photo and video material made the development, environmental and social impacts of raw material production in different countries more clear to citizens – especially to young people – and its link with consumption patterns.

The exhibition aimed at informing citizens about examples of raw material production and consumption patterns (coal mines, dirty phosphate mining, shale gas EU production) and alternatives to it (renewable energy initiatives, local alternatives) through pictures and videos, especially in the context of the COP21 in Paris in December 2015. Within the scope of COP21, an important number of people visited the exhibition.

Photos: Aitec