Green-Go Short Film Contest

Green-Go Short Film Contest
1st July 2016 Christliche Initiative Romero


The Green-Go International Short Film Contest launched by CEEweb aims to gather environmentally and socially conscious young people to participate in the contest and the festival on the one hand, and on the other hand, to inspire them to creatively express their ideas in a short film format.

With the short films, CEEweb wants to raise awareness on environmental and social problems on a global, European and national level. With the Green-Go festival, they wish to create the basis of a sustainable green film event that activates the civil society with a special focus on a younger audience, attracts interested people and stakeholders and generates dialogues within the whole society about key eco-social questions.

Call 2016

CC BY-NC: Forms in nature by Manfred Huszar

CC BY-NC: Forms in nature by Manfred Huszar

The organizers of Green-Go Short Film Contest are waiting for attention grabbing short films focused on agriculture, circular economy and the benefits of Europe’s nature. They expect films that raise awareness about specific problem or show a solution. Deadline is 31 October 2016.

There are three categories of which the second one is the most interesting within the scope of Stop Mad Mining:

  1. Small is beautiful – Why should we change to small scale and forget about intensive agriculture?
  2. Round’n’round – The answer to our planet’s resource challenge, the circular economy
  3. Act naturally! – Raise your voice for European nature!

The winners of each of the three categories will be decided by a jury by 17 November 2016.


Contest 2015


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Last Year, the 5th Green-Go Short Film Contest took place with the following categories

  1. Our footprint on earth – overconsumption, sustainable consumption and changing consumer behavior
  2. Two faces of exploitation – the social and environmental costs of resource extraction
  3. You are part of the nature. Live with it!

There were 150 submissions out of 40 countries covering every continent. The jury selected winners in each category and based on the public voting one public award was awarded. In the second category, “Gold rush” is the winning short!