Street Theater “Changement Climatique, de l’or en Barre”

Street Theater “Changement Climatique, de l’or en Barre”
1st July 2016 Christliche Initiative Romero

Changement Climatique, de l’or en Barre


Photo: Aitec

The theater company “TAF Théâtre” and Aitec created the theater show “Changement Climatique, de l’or en Barre”. It has been organized five times in Marseille and Paris from August to December 2015.


The theater sensitized the public on the consequences of fossil fuel production, natural resources management on living standards and environment in developing countries, with a focus on multinationals responsibilities in sustainable development. The objective was to build citizens’ understanding of the interdependencies between developing countries and Europe through highlighting the worldwide impacts of unsustainable consumption and production of raw materials.

Photos: Aitec