Fact finding missions

Fact finding missions
15th July 2016 Christliche Initiative Romero

Four fact finding missions in 2015 and 2016



Photo: CIR

2016, July


CIR and PowerShift took part at the Asian Europe People Forum and made a three-day trip through Mongolia. They visited an organization of legal small-scale miners, the region Noyon Mountain where the Canadian mining company Centerra Gold operates without any licenses and the so-called “Blue Mongolians”, farmers who defend their land and fight against gold mining.

Read more about the problems of mining in Mongolia in a background paper of PowerShift


Photo: CIR

2015, November

El Salvador and Guatemala

CIR organized a journalist fact finding mission to El Salvador and Guatemala with one newspaper journalist, one radio journalist and one documentary film-maker in November 2015.


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2015, April and November


Re:Common organized and implemented a fact finding mission to Colombia from the 7th to the 17th of April 2015 to focus on coal extraction issues related to human rights violation in the country. The mission was carried out by two members of Re:Common and the Bogotà-based Italian journalist Bruno Federico, and accompanied by the photographer Nadja Drost.

The fact finding mission was implemented in Bogotà, Cesàr and Santa Marta, and allowed the team to reach a greater understanding of the coal industry in the department of Cesàr and the actors involved (producing companies, trade unions, impacted communities), and to investigate more the alleged links with the violence and the conflicts in the area. A follow up fact finding mission was implemented in November 2015, and it was fundamental to complete the researching for the case study “Pitch Black”. This second fact finding mission was implemented in Bogotà, La Guajira and Santa Marta, and allowed the team to reach a greater understanding of the impacts of coal production in the department of La Guajira, and of the export activities around the ports in Santa Marta.

Michael Reckordt 2015

Benito Molino is documenting the silting pond of Eramen. Photo: Michael Reckordt 2015

2015, July


LMN and PowerShift organised a fact finding mission on nickel mining in the Philippines in July 2015. Andy Whitmore and Michael Reckordt visited communities affected by mining in the country, seeking a link back to consumers in the UK. In Santa Cruz, province Zambales, the rivers are red and contaminated with nickelous sediments. For the people living there it is now impossible to live of farming and fishing. Meanwhile, some companies have lost their concession but the nickel is spread everywhere also in the sea, up to 30 nautical miles. Only some silting ponds “filter” the toxic substances out of the water but this is of little avail.

In this context, the journalists also attended the International People’s Mining Conference (IPCM) “Our Resistance, Our Hope”, a major gathering of global mining activists.