3rd Alternative Raw Materials Week in Germany

3rd Alternative Raw Materials Week in Germany
13th November 2017 Christliche Initiative Romero

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In around ten cities in Germany the 3rd Alternative Raw Materials Week dealt with the impacts of raw materials extraction and global & democratic politics of raw materials. In Berlin we had a panel discussion about due diligence and what challenges companies and Member States will face during its implementation and an expert discussion on “Small Scale Mining in Congo”.

In Münster, we showed the documentary “No a la minería – Sí a la vida” about the extraction of gold in El Salvador. Filmmaker Lisa Backmann was present and explained after the movie how it developed during a journalist fact finding mission organized by the Christian Initiative Romero in 2015. Also, Heizel Torres from Nicaragua and Pedro Cabezas from El Salvador linked it to actual developments around mining in their countries. Another movie screening “Titiqaqa y los rostros desparacidos” by the Peruvian filmmaker Heeder Soto took place the day after in Münster. The movie is about social conflicts in the Peruvian region Puno at lake Titicaca, their causes and consequences. Both movies were displayed in cooperation with Cinema Münster.
Heizel Torres from the Organisation Centro Humboldt and Pedro Cabezas from CRIPDES travelled to Germany, Poland and Hungary in the context of a speakers tour. Heizel Torres reported on how mining companies in Nicaragua avoid legal specifications in order to get mining concessions and not to conduct environmental analysis. She gave an insight on entanglements of economic interests of individuals in the actual parliament and business practices of mining companies. She talked also about protests in Nicaraguan communities. Pedro Cabezas portrayed the civil society’s victory over mining companies in El Salvador.  In March 2017 the El Salvadorian parliament adopted a worldwide singular and historic mining ban.

The highlight of the 3rd Alternative Raw Materials Week in Germany was the conference on the topic “Europe’s Hunger for Raw Materials”.


A collection of photos we took during the 3rd Raw Materials Week